OVERS 8.5: FOUR! Kohli moves across and pulls a Jamieson delivery to the mid-wicket fence for his first boundary. India 54/2

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OVERS 8.3: 50 up for India as Iyer cuts a Jamieson delivery to third man

OVERS 6.2: DROPPED! Kohli hits back a Jamieson delivery, it hit the left hand of the 6’8″ pacer but didn’t stick. TOUGH CHANCE

OVERS 5.6: FOUR! Iyer edges through the slips to the third man fence

OVERS 5.3: FOUR! Shreyas Iyer cover drives a Southee to get off the mark

OVERS 4.6: OUT! Prithvi Shaw (24) goes for the big extravagant drive against a seam-up delivery from debutant Kyle Jamieson but is clean bowled through the gate. India 34/2


Shaw smashes a short and wide ball from Southee through the covers

OVERS 2.6: FOUR! Shaw pulls a short ball over mid-on for his fifth boundary

OVERS 2.4: Virat Kohli gets off the mark first ball with a flick to deep square leg for three runs

OVERS 2.3: OUT! Bennett pitches it up and almost squares up
Mayank Agarwal (3) to induce an edge off his bat that goes flying straight into the hands of Ross Taylor in the slips. India 21/1

OVERS 1.6: FOUR! Southee bowls it short and wide and Shaw unleashes a ferocious square cut for his fourth boundary. India 17/0

Tim Southee shares the new ball with Bennett

OVER 0.4: FOUR! Shaw’s wrists at play as he flicks to the square leg fence, third boundary of the over

OVER 0.2: FOUR! Shaw flicks the next delivery to the fine leg fence

OVER 0.1: FOUR! Shaw drives through mid-off to get off the mark

All set for the Indian run chase,
Prithvi Shaw and
Mayank Agarwal walk out to open the innings.
Hamish Bennett bowls the first over

At one stage, India were staring at a total in excess of 300. But Shardul Thakur got them back in the game. First, he dismissed Tom Blundell and then, three overs later, produced a spectacular throw to run Martin Guptill out. Saini was impeccable, although wicketless while Chahal and Jadeja applied the choke perfectly. 20-0-93-4 between them. Jasprit Bumrah continues to be a worry. Since injury, he looks a shade of himself, not producing those magical inswingers or outswingers or even the yorkers. Today, he even went for runs.

What a knock from Ross Taylor. It takes great courage to play an innings of character. But it takes greater courage to play an innings out of character. When Taylor stepped in, the Kiwis were in excellent shape and given the touch he was in, he could have easily gone berserk. But in the span of an hour, he saw how the innings got derailed. He curbed his shots and never really played freely. His responsible knock has ensured New Zealand have got something to bowl at.

A sub-par total on a good pitch, on a ground with shorter dimensions. But that unbeaten partnership of 76 runs for the ninth wicket between Ross Taylor and Kyle Jamieson has given the Kiwis a glimmer of a hope. They still need to bowl out of their skins but from a position where 200 looked difficult, they inched close to 275. New Zealand were 142/1 in the 27th over, thanks to a fine 93-run opening stand and contributions from Guptill, Nicholls and Blundell in the top 3. But Blundell’s wicket led to a collapse as the Kiwis slipped from 142/1 to 197/8.

New Zealand score 273/8 in their 50 overs

OVERS 49.4: BIG HIT! Jamieson clears one leg and smashes it over long-off for his second SIX

OVERS 49.2: FOUR! Taylor imrpovises and hits over the keeper to the third man fence. That went off the back of the bat

Bumrah bowls the last over of the New Zealand innings

OVERS 48.2: FOUR! Taylor pulls a Saini delivery to the mid-wicket fence

New Zealand 250/8 with two overs left

OVERS 47.2: FOUR! Jamieson flicks a yorker from Bumrah to the fine leg fence. 50-run stand up between Taylor and
Jamieson off 35 balls

OVERS 46.6: DROPPED! Taylor mis-hits a Thakur high up in the air. Iyer comes running in from square leg but fails to get a hand on it at mid-wicket. New Zealand 242/8

OVERS 46.4: BIG HIT! Thakur bowls a cross-seam delivery but the length is too short and Jamieson pulls it over long-on for his first SIX in international cricket

OVERS 46.2: BIG HIT! Thakur bowls wide of off-stump and Taylor smashes it over long-on for his second SIX

OVERS 45.4: FOUR BYES! Bumrah bowls a bouncer to the 6’8″ debutant Kyle Jamieson who ducks and the ball goes flying over keeper KL Rahul too. New Zealand 225/8

OVERS 45.1: Taylor brings up his 51st ODI fifty off 61 balls with a single to long-off

OVERS 44.1: BIG HIT! Taylor smashes a Saini delivery over long-on for his first SIX. New Zealand 219/8

OVERS 43.3: FOUR! Chahal bowls it wide and Taylor cuts over backward point

OVERS 41.4: FOUR! 200 up for New Zealand as Taylor cuts a Chahal delivery
to third man for his third boundary

OVERS 41.3: OUT! Chahal bowls a flighted delivery outside off-stump and Southee (3) reaches out for it and mis-hits to long-on for Saini to take the catch. New Zealand 197/8

New Zealand 195/7 after 40 overs

OVERS 37.4: OUT! New Zealand losing their way here. Chahal holds back the length of a delivery that holds on to the surface and that is enough for Mark Chapman to give the leg-spinner a simple return catch. New Zealand 187/7
OVERS 36.6: OUT! Second wicket for Thakur as de Grandhomme (5) mishits up in the air for Shreyas Iyer to take the catch at deep mid-wicket. New Zealand 185/6

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OVERS 36.4: FOUR! Taylor heaves a Thakur delivery to the mid-wicket fence for his second boundary

End of Ravindra Jadeja’s spell: 10-0-35-1

OVERS 35.4: FOUR! Colin de Grandhomme flicks a Jadeja delivery to the fine leg fence

OVERS 34.2: OUT! Taylor cuts to backward point for a quick single but James Neesham (3) is unable to beat the BRILLIANT direct hit from who else but Ravindra Jadeja. New Zealand 175/5

Saini is back in the attack

OVERS 33.1: OUT! Tom Latham (7) goes for a sweep against Jadeja, is hit on the pads, is given out, he goes for the review and replays show the ball was pitched in line, struck in line and was going on to hit the stumps, so the umpire’s call stays. New Zealand 171/4

Jasprit Bumrah is back in the attack, he had conceded 29 runs off his first spell of 4 overs

OVERS 29.2: OUT! Taylor reverse sweeps a Jadeja delivery to backward point for a quick single but Guptill (79) fails to beat the throw from Shardul Thakur into the hands of KL Rahul who whips off the bails in a flash. New Zealand 157/3

OVERS 28.6: FOUR! Guptill pulls a half-tracker from Thakur between fine leg and deep square leg

150 up for New Zealand in 28 overs

OVERS 27.4: FOUR! Ross Taylor flicks a Jadeja delivery to the fine leg fence for his first boundary

OVERS 26.3: OUT! Thakur gets his revenge as Blundell (22) hits to mid-on for Saini to take the catch. New Zealand 142/2

OVERS 26.2: FOUR! Thakur bowls a juicy half-volley and Blundell smashes it straight back for his third boundary

OVERS 24.4: FOUR! Thakur bangs it short and Guptill pulls to the mid-wicket fence. New Zealand 133/1

New Zealand 128/1 after 24 overs and Shardul Thakur has been brought back in the attack

OVERS 21.3: FOUR! Guptill cuts a Jadeja delivery past backward point

OVERS 20.6: FOUR! Saini bangs it short and Blundell pulls it to the mid-wicket fence. New Zealand 118/1

OVERS 20.4: FOUR! Tom Blundell drives past mid-on for his first boundary

Saini replaces Chahal in the attack

OVERS 18.6: BIG HIT! Guptill mistimes a hit over long-off for his third six. Valiant attempt by Shreyas Iyer at the boundary but it is not enough. New Zealand 104/1

OVERS 18.4: FIFTY! 36th ODI fifty for Guptill as he square cuts a Chahal delivery for two and it has come off 49 balls

OVERS 16.5: OUT! Nicholls (41) goes for a sweep against Chahal but is hit on the pads, he is given out but the opener opts for a review. The replays show the ball was pitched in line, struck in line and was going on to hit the stumps, so the umpire’s call stays. New Zealand 93/1

OVERS 16.4: FOUR! Nicholls hits a Chahal delivery to long-on for his fifth boundary. New Zealand 93/0

New Zealand 83/0 after 15 overs and Ravindra Jadeja has been introduced in the attack

OVERS 14.4: DROPPED! Nicholls hits it back straight into Chahal but he drops a SITTER! Sunil Gavaskar on air says, “It should have been taken 11 times out of 10”

OVERS 14.2: BIG HIT! Guptill slog sweeps a Chahal delivery over deep mid-wicket for his second SIX. New Zealand 81/0

OVERS 12.2: FOUR! Guptill sweeps a Chahal delivery to the fine leg fence.
New Zealand 68/0

OVERS 11.4: FOUR! Saini attempts a yorker but ends up bowling a half-volley and Nicholls straight drives down the ground for his fourth boundary.
New Zealand 64/0

Yuzvendra Chahal has been introduce
d in the attack

New Zealand 52/0 after 10 overs

OVERS 9.3: FOUR! Nicholls makes room and almost scoops it to the fine leg fence. 50 up for New Zealand

Change of ends for Thakur as he replaces Bumrah in the attack

OVERS 8.6: FOUR! Five dot balls from Saini and Nicholls spoils it by pulling the last delivery to the mid-wicket fence.
New Zealand 47/0

OVERS 7.6: BIG HIT! Bumrah bowls a bouncer again, Guptill leans back and upper cuts it behind the keeper, that goes flying over the sight screen into the second tier of the stadium for the first SIX of the match. INCREDIBLE SHOT! New Zealand 43/0

OVERS 7.4: FOUR! Another inswinging yorker from Bumrah and Guptill flicks to fine leg, fine shot that

OVERS 7.3: FOUR! Bumrah bowls an inswinging yorker, Guptill edges it onto his pads and it runs to the fine leg fence

Navdeep Saini comes into the attack

OVERS 5.4: FOUR! Guptill makes room and smashes over the covers for his second boundary. New Zealand 25/0

OVERS 5.3: FOUR! Guptill ducks to a bouncer from Bumrah but the ball hits his gloves and goes flying to the third man fence

OVERS 4.3: FOUR! Nicholls straight drives down the ground with the bounce for the first boundary of the match. New Zealand 15/0

OVERS 4.1: Nicholls flicks a Thakur delivery to deep mid-wicket for three runs

Jasprit Bumrah shares the new ball with Thakur

OVER 0.1: A leg bye is conceded first up, the Kiwis are underway

Martin Guptill and Henry Nicholls open the batting for New Zealand, Shardul Thakur bowls the first over for India

Virat Kohli says that it looks like a pretty hard wicket and the new balls might do a bit. Observes that the straighter boundaries are small here, so defending would be difficult. Also remembers India’s manner of victory in the first T20I at this venue, so all these account into the decision. Praises the Kiwis for batting well in the previous ODI and not wanting to blame his players for the loss, just wants the intensity to be maintained throughout the game. On the team changes, Kohli informs that Mohammed Shami has been rested with Test cricket coming up after this series. Adds that Shami is one of India’s main bowlers, so wants him to be fresh. Is excited to have Navdeep Saini as his replacement. Informs the other change as Yuzvendra Chahal coming in for Kuldeep Yadav, with the main reason being that Chahal has been out of ODIs for a long time, hence is being played tonight.

New Zealand captain Tom Latham says that he too, was looking to bowl first. Fingers crossed, he hopes to bat well again and put up a big total on the board. On the previous win, Tom says that it is a great feeling to have after a forgetful T20I series. Wants his unit to keep learnings from that game, especially with the ball. On the team changes, Latham says that Mark Chapman is featuring tonight, because Mitchell Santner pulled up with a sore back. On the other change, Tom says that Kyle Jamieson makes his ODI debut in place of Ish Sodhi, who is no more a part of the squad. Is excited to feature Jamieson’s raw pace.

TOSS: Virat Kohli won the toss and put New Zealand in to bat

India (Playing XI): Prithvi Shaw, Mayank Agarwal, Virat Kohli, Shreyas Iyer, KL Rahul, Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Navdeep Saini, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah

New Zealand (Playing XI): Martin Guptill, Henry Nicholls, Tom Blundell, Ross Taylor, Tom Latham, James Neesham, Colin de Grandhomme, Tim Southee, Mark Chapman, Kyle Jamieson, Hamish Bennett

PITCH REPORT: Simon Doull observes a few patches of grass on the surface but believes that the ball has to be really short to make the batsmen hop. Expects spinners to travel the distance on what looks like a very good surface. Expects the ball to do a bit in the first 30 minutes but after that, predicts batting to be easier.

WEATHER: There is some rain forecast for this game but as of now, it is bright and sunny. Hopefully, it stays that way.

Some of their bowling and fielding frailties exposed in the series-opener, India will aim for quick course correction against New Zealand in the second ODI.

Flying high after the 5-0 whitewash of New Zealand in the T20 series, India were brought to the ground after the hosts took a 1-0 lead in the three-match series with a four-wicket win in the first ODI.

The Black Caps chased down their highest-ever total in ODI cricket at Seddon Park and the toss will be crucial once again at the even shorter Eden Park where the side batting second will have a clear advantage.

New Zealand opted to bat here in both the T20Is, but India chased well in both instances albeit in different circumstances.

India find themselves in a familiar situation after the loss in Hamilton. But the visitors have come from behind against the West Indies and Australia to win their last two ODI series and Virat Kohli’s men will look to do the same here.

Like in Chennai against the West Indies, or in Mumbai against Australia, India’s loss at Hamilton was down to their lack of ability to take wickets in the middle overs.


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