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Here’s something I teach my students that may help you when trying out a new recipe, or just making a recipe you’re not familiar with.

  1. Check the ingredient list before you start.  Make sure you have everything you need, or make sure you know what can be substituted if you don’t.  For example, you don’t have to have an allergy to eggs to use an egg replacer. Maybe its just and ingredient you don’t have on hand.
  2. Weights and measures: Always follow the measurements the first time around. Translate all the ingredients on your recipe into weight measurements where possible.  In Australia we use the metric system but not everywhere in the world does.  A lot of recipes online come from the States.  They use the Imperial system and have their own measurements for tablespoons and cups that are different from ours.
  3. Read the method before you start. If you don’t understand it, it’s best to know now before you get halfway through and you don’t know what to do next.
  4. Prepare your equipment: If your recipe requires that you get your oven turned on, and your tin, pan or tray ready – do it first.  Some recipes ask you to pop things in the fridge/freezer or let things rest for a while before doing anything, so turning your oven on straight-up might be a waste of energy (but if you’ve read your method you’ll know that – wont you?).
  5. Prepare your ingredients: Get all the ingredients out and prepare as the ingredient list states.  For example, your recipe might say
    1. “1 Carrot peeled and cut into batons”
    2. Have the batons ready so you can just continue with the recipe as you need to in the method.

Showing my age here but when I was at school we were still in the dark ages in Australia using imperial measurements.  Yep for you youngins, that’s inches, pounds and ounces.  I was working when the changes came in and I can tell you there was such drama.  Once the dust settled everyone realised that we’d made the right choice as a nation to go to Metric.  It is so much easier to add, divide and multiply grams opposed to pounds and ounces.  If you want consistency in your baking do the conversion step, it only takes a minute.  I’ve got a free download here to help you.

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