prime minister of india

There are several ways you can interact with the honourable prime minister of India Narendra Modi, He is the prime minister of India since 2014.

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The first residence of the Indian prime minister was Teen Murti Bhavan. His successor Lal Bahadur Shastri chose 10, Janpath as an official residence. Indira Gandhi resided at 1, Safdarjung RoadRajiv Gandhi became the first prime minister to use 7, Race Course Road as his residence, which was used by his successors.

There is an official website to interact with the Prime Minister of India

Click the above link to share your any ideas, thoughts etc or you can also send him your any personal queries/questions suggestions, messages through the above link by selecting Write to Prime Minister option.

There are multiple social media handles where although the Prime Minister doesn’t read messages or reply himself but there’s a team operating the social media handles for him, so it can be also possible that if you want to contact or reach out to the Minister you can directly mention him/ his account to get noticed.

Though the best Idea here would be to use the official portal where they get all the emails and no one is skipped.

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