How to stop worrying and start living? worry less, Live M___ore

Here are 2 simple and highly effective tips for you. I hope you employ them as I know these can help you out (through my own first-hand experience!)

1. Recognize Worry For What It Really Is

Worry is not an externally caused condition. It is simply a particular type of thought pattern – nothing more. We often believe we have no choice but to worry- we believe it’s our life circumstances ‘doing it to us’ but in truth it is simply a worrying thought doing it to us!

A ‘worry’ or ‘on edge’ thought happens when the brain ventures itself into the future and envisions something turning out badly. What is the feeling produced by these kinds of musings or mental films? Fear.

You may utilize more ‘socially satisfactory’ words like pressure, tension or worry yet at the center of all these is fear. In spite of the fact that these envisioned future occasions are not occurring in reality, you are as yet experiencing the occasions in your brain and your body responds in like manner, going into an inconspicuous (or not all that unobtrusive) condition of ‘fight or flight’

Learn to recognize worry and anxiety for what they are. Just thought patterns. Thought patterns that you don’t need to believe or buy into. By seeing worry for what it is it loses its power to ‘take you over’. worry less, Live M___ore

2. A Way of Dealing With Worry: Label and Let Go

At whatever point you end up worrying about something, note to yourself that no doubt about it.”

By doing this you become present as the observer of your musings as opposed to being totally taken over by them. You presently have the ability to decide to release it.

After you name it, at that point turn your concentration to your breathing, or essentially carry your consideration into the current second and what you’re doing.

Every time you catch yourself worrying—no matter how often—you apply the technique again.

You’ll find that this will gradually break the habit of your habit of worrying.

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