Karka Sankranti 2020: Date, shubh muhurat for puja

Karka Sankranti 2020: Date, shubh muhurat for puja

On July 16, the Sun will once again enter Cancer sun sign making an effect on the personal and professional life of the people. This day is called Karka (Cancer) Sankranti. According to the Hindu calendar, Cancer solstice is considered the end of the six-month Uttarayan period. With this, Dakshinayan begins which continues till Makar Sankranti. Pitru Darpan, charity, dharma and bath are very important on the day of Sankranti. This day is celebrated with pomp in many places in India. However, no auspicious work is done as soon as the Sun marks a transition into the Cancer zodiac. It is believed that at this time the blessings of Gods are not given for auspicious work.

Transit of Sun in Cancer Zodiac (Karka Rashi)

On July 16, at 10:32 am, the Sun will enter the Cancer zodiac sign. The sun will remain in the same zodiac till August 16, 2020 evening, 6.56 pm.

Karka Sankranti Moment – 11:03 AM

Do this on the day of Cancer solstice

  • Chant the mantra of Sun God 108 times
  • Chant the mantra – Om Adityaaya Namah
  • Donate clothes or food to the poor or needy people
  • Plant a Peepal or Banyan tree
  • Wearing a copper bracelet or ring is considered auspicious

Reason for not doing auspicious work on Karka Sankranti 2020

The effect of the element of fire gets increased after Makar Sankranti which is why positivity and auspicious energy are communicated all around. However, from Karka Sankranti, the effect of the element of water increases due to which negativity starts spreading around. This means, there is an increase in positivity, as the sun enters Uttarayan, and increase of negativity when it is in Dakshinayana As a result, the powers of the gods begin to weaken. This is the reason why auspicious work is forbidden during this time.

From this day, Lord Sun and other deities go into a deep sleep. During this time, Lord Shiva takes control of the world which is the reason that the importance of shila pujan increases during the month of Sawan.

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