Lunar Eclipse June 5-6, 2020: Precautionary measures for pregnant women
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Lunar Eclipse June 5-6, 2020: Precautionary measures for pregnant women 

Lunar Eclipse, Chandra Grahan 2020: Citizens of countries like Asia, Australia, Europe, or Africa will be able to witness the second full moon between June 5 to June 6. Also known as the penumbral lunar eclipse, it is the time when the sun, earth, and moon align in an almost straight line. During this interval, the shade of the moon turns dark which is why it is also called the Strawberry Moon. However, the changes cannot be seen from a naked eye. Talking about the timings, the eclipse will last for a period of 3 hours and 18 minutes and will begin at 11:15 pm on June 5 and end at 2:34 am on June 6. The maximum lunar eclipse will be visible 12:54 am. There are certain beliefs that are attached to a lunar eclipse. One amongst those is the saying that a lunar eclipse has a negative impact on a pregnant woman and her fetus. This is the reason why there are certain dos and don’ts for the ladies who are expecting. 

Check them out:

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  1. It is advisable to not go out during the eclipse.
  2. Stop wearing metal. It is said that a mother should keep either a safety pin or a knife close to her belly to offer protection to the baby.
  3. Throw away all the leftover food.
  4. Avoid performing any household activity.
  5. Take a rest.
  6. Take a bath only after it is over.
  7. During the eclipse, there is a lot of negativity that spreads, so it is advisable that the pot of water, milk, curd, etc should have a basil leaf in them.
  8. The sutak takes place several hours before the eclipse. During this time the temple in the house should be covered well. 

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There are no medical or scientific proofs for the same. Chanting mantras is also recommended. Singing ‘Om Devki Sudha Govinda Vasudev Jagatpate Dehime Taney Krishnan Twamaham Srnam Gatah’ will bring positive energy.

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