NEW DELHI: Both batsmen ending up at the same end, with the bails being taken off at the other is something we have seen many times on the cricket field. The latest instance of this was seen when Pakistan batsman Qasim Akram was run out while going for a quick single during the ICC U-19 World Cup semi-final against India at Senwes Park in Potchefstroom, South Africa on Tuesday.

The understanding between Akram and skipper Rohail Nazir at the other end nosedived, as both players ran towards the same end after initially hesitating after getting half way down the pitch.

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The incident happened in the 31st over of the innings when Akram played the ball in front of cover, but both batsmen were unsure whether the run was on or not. Both batsmen ended up at the bowlers’ end and all that Indian wicket-keeper Dhruv Chand Jurel had to do was calmly take off the bails at his end. For a while even the commentators were not sure which batsman had been run out, since both had rushed towards the bowlers’ end. Replays showed that Nazir had grounded his bat inside the crease first and so he was safe and Akram had to walk back to the pavillion.
Earlier, Pakistan won the toss and opted to bat against India. Both teams remained undefeated in their group-stage fixtures, with Pakistan’s group stage match against Bangladesh being washed out.

Incredibly, the last eight U-19 World Cup finals have featured either India or Pakistan or India.

Indian boys have won the ICC U-19 World Cup four times and are the defending champions, while Pakistan won the title in back-to-back editions in 2004 and 2006.


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